Articles from the Fern Gazette

The pteridophytes of Flores (Azores): a survey with bibliographyC. M. Ward1970
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Allotetraploid Origin of Ceterach aureum (Aspleniaceae: Pteridophyta)I. Pinter & G. Vida1993
Spore Morphology and Cytology of lsoetes Azorica (Pterldophyla: lsoetaceae) and its affinity with North AmericaD.M. Britton & D.F. Brunton1996
Distribution and status of the pteridophytes of Faial Island, Azores (Portugal)H. Schäfer2001
Two novel Asplenium hybrids (Aspleniaceae: Pteridophyta) from Tenerife, Canary IslandsF.J. Rumsey & A. Leonard2010
Asplenium auritum Sw. sensu lato (Aspleniaceae: Pteridophyta) – an overlooked Neotropical fern native to the AzoresF.J. Rumsey, H. Schaefer & M. Carine2014

Articles from the other sources

Sommerfeltia 17 Flora of Macaronesia Checklist of vascular plants 4 revised editionA. Hansen & P. Sunding1993
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From European Priority Species to Invasive Weed: Marsilea azorica (Marsileaceae) is a Misidentified AlienH. Schaefer, M.A. Carine & F. J. Rumsey2011
Taxonomic uncertainty and a continental conundrum: Polypodium macaronesicum reassessedF.J. Rumsey, L. Robba, H. Schneider & M.A. Carine2014
The tree fern Dicksonia antarctica invades two habitats of European conservation priority in São Miguel Island, AzoresM.L. Arosa, R.S. Ceia, L.G. Quintanilla & J.A. Ramos2012


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